Blog Conference Affiliation W L Win %
Mountain West Connection Mountain West 6 1 0.857
Big Sky Basketball Big Sky 15 0.167
Big West Confidential Big West 4 4 0.500

Box Scores week 11/13-11/20:
11/14 Fresno State 39, UCR 30
11/15 Cal Poly 64, Northern Colorado 53
11/16 Fullerton 77, Nevada 80
Pacific 61, Fresno State 66
11/17 Fullerton 112, Southern Utah 69
11/18 Northern Arizona 85, UC Davis 82
Southern Utah 61, Nevada 79

Friday, November 9, 2012

A friendly challenge to Big Sky Basketball and Mountain West Connection: BRING IT

We have a full month and a half of non-conference in basketball.  Therefore, I thought it would be fun to do a Western blog challenge. I sent out an email to the managers of Big Sky Basketball and Mountain West Connection and they accepted the game.  Introducing, the inaugural BIG MOUNTAIN SKY CHALLENGE (logo/award pending).  Here's the rules:

1. The teams from the Big Sky, Mountain West and Big West Conferences all have many non-conference matches versus each other.  Therefore the blogs will track wins and losses of the conferences as a whole.

2. The conference blog at the end of non-conference play with the best win percentage gets to post on the loser conferences blogs.  This post can be anything "winner's conference" related and is encouraged to be overly boasting.

3.  There will be a weekly post updating the challenge.


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